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This is my python page. Here you will find my Python work, and links to my favourite Python resources.

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. It incorporates modules, exceptions, dynamic typing, very high level dynamic data types, and classes. Python combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. Python is portable: it runs on many brands of UNIX, on the Mac, and on PCs under MS-DOS,Windows, Windows NT, and OS/2. It is quite easy to learn, and if you are in search of a new language to learn, you may consider Python.

winioport module for Python

I wanted to do printer port IO with Python under Windows 2000, but I was unable to find a module to do that. Thanks to DriverLINX Port I/O Driver for Win95 and WinNT and ctypes by Thomas Heller, I am now able do printer port IO on windows 95/98/NT/2000. Using ctypes it is possible to access functions in any DLL library. I imported the necessary functions from dlportio.dll and wrote some simple functions to aid using the printer port. The module and dlportio driver are available for download here:
           winioport_py24.zip (280 Kb)
for Python 2.4.
           winioport_py23.zip (227 Kb) for Python 2.3
           winioport.zip (180 Kb) for Python 2.2.            

pyLCD module for Python

pyLCD allows you to control a HD44780 based LCD connected to your printer port. It needs winioport to run.
I used this module while developing the LCD simulator, to experiment with LCD modules quickly and easily.
Click here to download it: pyLCD1.1.zip (187 Kb, including winioport [for Python 2.1-- get the one above for Python 2.2/2.3])
Here is an example showing its usage:

>>> import pyLCD
>>> pyLCD.fs1line() # 1-line, 8-bit interface
>>> pyLCD.ems() # entry mode set (default: increase cursor position, no shift )
>>> pyLCD.dispOn() # display on with cusrsor invisible
>>> pyLCD.cursHome() # cursor home
>>> pyLCD.putstr('Hello World') # print the string

Printer port resources

BeyondLogic a very very informative site on the parallel port and more. Be sure to check it, if you want to learn printer port IO.
Lake View Research possibly the most complete parallel/serial port resource on the net.
WinIo v1.3 by Yariv Kaplan another Win32 portIO solution. Source code available. Works fine with calldll.

Other hardware related Python stuff

Roger's Win32 Serial Interface Module allows serial port IO on Windows
ioport - I/O Hardware port extension for Python allows printer port access on Linux platform
http://www.nicorp.f9.co.uk/download/python-ioport.zip a Python extension to access printer port on windows 95/98 only. It is untested.

My favourite Python links

Vaults of Parnassus: Python Resources a must-visit for pythonistas.
PythonWin IDE and win32 extensions. Very nice IDE & editor.
Daily Python URL daily Python news
py2exe makes your Python apps standalone executables
wxPython : A portable Python GUI toolkit
Boa Constuctor Delphi like IDE for Python development including visual wxPython frame design, object browsers, debugging, and more.