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Project Files


There is no complete PCB or schematic available. If you intend to build the project , you will have to design it yourself. Still, all the data for the EPROM programmer is available here, and combining it with a Z80 system should not be difficult. Actually, it is better to have 2 or 3 separate PCBs (Z80 system,EPROM programmer, glue logic) and leave the EPROM programmer as it is.

z80core.gif a schematic similar to the one we used for our project

z80pcb.zip (156 Kb) back ups of the PCB we designed. We used TraxMaker 2 from for PCB design. The finished PCBs(7&8) are erroneous. If you intend to use these PCBs start from 2.pcb. The PCB is 2 layers but all the tracks on the top layer are straight and can be replaced with wire bridges to lower the cost.

Epromprog.zip (155 Kb) EPROM programmer Windows software, schematic & PCB by A. Rijfkogel

These two files on Alastair MacPherson's site
ep.zip (147 Kb) Windows Software for the same hardware by Alastair MacPherson. Supports Intel HEX and Motorola S1 files but it cannot be used to program RAM (programming algorithm seems to be different).

ElektorMarch1997.zip (2990 KB) Better schematic and PCB + Instructions. The PCB is 2 layers, but it is possible to make it a single layer pcb by omitting the top layer, changing it here and there a bit and adding a few more wire bridges....