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Opera Software

Opera 5.12 is out and it is the best Opera by far. I strongly suggest that you give it a try.

Opera is my favorite browser. It is a very small (about 2 MB download),fast and highly configurable browser. It is definitely better than MS IE or Netscape. Please click HERE to learn what makes it so good.
So,you are now convinced that Opera is really great, and you have downloaded it. You MUST read the help and support files that come with it, and also check the Opera support site.

Opera software now has a service called composer. This allows people/companies to create their custom version of Opera, supplying their own skins, buttons, bookmarks, splash screens, and more.

If you would like to have the one customized by me, you can download it by clicking here (2.4 MB). It comes with my bookmarks (the links page on this site). It does not have Java Runtime Environment. You can find it on the web , if you need it.

Opera is now free, but ad supported. Registration is necessary to get rid of the ads. Ads are downloaded weekly and then displayed from your cache. They do not impact your band width.