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PICs are cheap and interesting devices, and I decided to learn how to use them. Here you will find my work about PIC micros and links to my favourite PIC resources on the web.

DJPASM is a multi-pass JavaScript assembler for the 16F84 PIC micro. It is supposed to run on any web browser that supports JavaScript 1.1 and above. It has been tested with Opera 3.60/3.62 (Opera 4.0 has some JavaScript bugs), Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0/5.0, Netscape 4.60/4.70(including Linux versions) and Espial Escape 4.0.
Currently supported assembly directives are: ORG,EQU,RADIX,DT,__config
DJPASM is case insensitive, does not require the code to be indented, and do not have operator support yet. Also "list" directive is ignored ,and string literals cannot be used with the "dt" directive. That is, you can not do
dt "any string"
Macros are not recrusive, and cannot be nested, but both forward and backward references to macros are allowed.
Also, DJPASM can output colorized version of either the source input or the list output. This is useful for bublishing your code in HTML or taking a look at it in a different way.
DJPASM is free, the source is there for those who want it. Use it as you like, but I strongly suggest that you should stick with MPASM if it is available for your operating system.
Click here to launch DJPASM

DJDASM is a JavaScript disassembler for the 16F84 PIC micro. It can run on the same browsers that DJPASM runs. It too has colorized HTML output capability.
Click here to launch DJDASM

Using Z80 like syntax to write PIC assembly
Since I first learned Z80 assembly (and a little bit of 6502) I find the instruction set very strange and different than what I am used to. My intention is to help Z80 lovers love the PIC too. I have found two ways of writing PIC programs with Z80 like mnemonics. One is to use TASM ant the other is to use the Frogbit text processing language. Click here to see how I did it.

For info on the PIC micro check out the sites on the PIC Micro Webring site, or see my PIC Links page.

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