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I check betanews.com every day, visit download sites often and download a lot. Unfortunately not every program I download seems to do what it is supposed to do, or I realize the what it does is something I do not realy need, or the program really does what it says but it is so slow that I can do the same thing without it in shorter time...

On this page you will find software that I have tested and found to be the best in its class. If you know of any software that perfoms better than the ones presented here, please send me an e-mail and I may include it here.

Must Have Software

Opera 6.01

It is simply the best browser. Need anyhing else be said ?


Great download manager.

Winzip 8.0

Compression utility.


Image wiever


Clipomatic is a tiny clipboard utility. It will cache the text pasted to the clipboard and make it available by clicking Ctrl+Alt+V or some other key combimnation you specify. You can save cached items as clipsets and load them whenever you want.


TraySaver is a System Tray Manager. It allows you to hide system tray icons, restores icons normally lost when Explorer crashes, and enables any window to be minimized to the tray. This gives you a more usable and manageable taskbar. It is more like a lifesaver sometimes.


Wintabs works with Opera, Word 97/2000, Excell 97/2000, Netscape Navigator, and Internet Explorer. It will cover the title bars of these programs with tabs, enabling you to switch between open documents. In unregistered version, only Word 97, Word 2000, and Opera plugins are fully functional. Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator plugins will display only up to three documents. Excel 97, and Excel 2000 plugins are disabled. To enable Excel plugins, and fully activate Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator plugins, you have to register WinTabs.


WRQ's AtGuard is software that runs on your PC and monitors network traffic going in and out of your computer. Depending on how you have AtGuard configured, it can also step in and intervene in network connections and block data on your behalf. Specifically, it can:

Block images (usually advertisements) that you don't want to see
Speed up web page loading
Block refer field and cookies to reduce the amount of targeted advertising you receive
Enhance your browsing privacy by blocking the User-agent and From fields sent to the server by your browser

Allow you to customize what is shown on web pages that you visit often
Prevent web pages from running Java applets, JavaScript, and ActiveX controls to reduce the number of advertising scripts that run and to increase your protection from potentially invasive programs
Stop animated GIFs from cycling endlessly, reducing cache disk thrashing
Keep track of various statistics as you surf the web, like how much data you've downloaded and how many cookies you would have sent back to web sites
Prevent software from communicating with your computer or with remote computers without your knowledge or permission

AtGuard is worth every cent you pay for it. As far as I know a demo is not available at the AtGuard site. Search Download.com or some other download site to download an older version of AtGuard.

Tweak UI

This is a tiny, but essential system utility from Microsoft. It enables you to tune many aspects of Windows. You can

  • turn off animations
  • adjust menu speed
  • remove the microsoft splash screen shown at boot up
  • diasble active dektop
  • disable autorun
  • Cover your tracks by automatically clearing run, internet explorer,find file, documents and etc history
  • and much more

Cacheman 3.60

Cacheman is a utility which tweaks the disk cache settings and prevents frequent swapping of the data to disk resulting in an improved performance.
One of the biggest faults of Windows 9x is the disk cache management strategy. After all the available physical memory ( RAM ) is exhausted Windows 9x starts to use virtual memory instead of flushing the disk caches which puts a drain on your system.
In order to correct this chaotic and weird behaviour you need to edit the SYSTEM.INI file. Cacheman changes all that ! No more mucking about in the SYSTEM.INI file manually.
You just need to run Cacheman and select your optimization method and reboot your system after saving the changes. Some users have experienced upto 25 % boost in their system performance.


Win-eXpose-I/O is a Windows 95 file I/O Tracing/Debugging SHAREWARE utility that lets you examine in real time what files each running application is using or trying to use.
Win-eXpose-I/O for Windows 95 traces all the file activities in all the application and in all the different VM (even DOS boxes) and gives you a clear picture on problems troubleshooting (like where and what the hell is the help file / INI file that the application is using or complaining that is missing).

Win-eXpose-I/O for Windows 95 is a MUST HAVE tool for anyone who is installing windows software on the computer or just trying to make sure the current software is working properly, Win-eXpose-I/O saves those HUGE amount of hours trying to configure new or existing software by letting you know in real time what files each application is using or seeking.



Filemon is a freeware alternative to Win-eXpose-I/O. It does not require a setup and takes up little harddrive space.


Regmon is a freeware utilty that monitors registry activity of your system

Gif Movie Gear 2.6

GIF Movie Gear is a tool for building GIF animations. It does not take up much hardrive space. It is easy to use and powerful. I used it to create the 1023 frame animated gif and all other LCD related animations on this site.


Good text editor with many useful features such as block select mode, syntax highlighting, spell checkinng and everything else to be expected from an advanced text editor. Try it and you will like it.



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