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Custom Character Calculator

Below you see a visual bitmap calculator that lets you draw a character, then copy and paste the list of bitmap values into your own program. This is a great tool that will make defining custom characters and making animations a breeze. It's written in Javascript, so it should run on any modern browser. If it doesn't run, you may have Javascript disabled in your preferences. This program is © Scott Edwards Electronics, Inc. and is free for your personal, noncommercial use.

Click the pixels to toggle them on/off. When you've got the pattern you want, copy and paste the list of values into your program.

List of bitmap values:

Sometimes, you may need to define standart ASCII characters as custom characters for creating animations like the one on my LCD pages entrance or the odometer effect presented in an application note by Scott Edwards Electronics, Inc. The Alphanumeric LCD (TrueType) font by Marco Di Leo is a very useful reference for the bitmap layout of LCD characters. It is also great for creating animated gifs as the ones you can see on some of my other LCD pages. Here is the file:

alphalcd.zip (5 Kb)

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